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Donna N. Murphy
Donna is a member of the Stately Speakers and Reston Herndon Toastmasters clubs. She helped found the KOR-US Toastmasters Club and is its past president. She also belonged to the Itaewon Toastmasters Club and The Speaker's Lounge Club when she lived in South Korea.  She has reached the highest level of Toastmasters: Distinguished Toastmaster. Click on the links to read selected speeches she has given.

The Art of Public Speaking
How to Organize Your Speech
How to Begin Your Speech
How to End Your Speech
Evaluate to Motivate
Laugh or Go Crazy
Poking Fun at Fear
Living on a Military Base, from a Civilian Point of View
Did Shakspere Write Shakespeare?
Gun Violence in the U.S.
Doing the Inner Work
Traveling with Small Children
The Car Accident
Postcards from Heaven
Tokyo Disney Sea
Ukranian Easter Eggs
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