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Donna N. Murphy
Renaissance Writing

Donna N. Murphy has written two books that investigate the authorship of works written during the English Renaissance that are either anonymous or of suspect authorship.

To read more about each book plus an excerpt, click on its title:

Now available! The revised, second edition, in hardcover and paperback of:
The Marlowe-Shakespeare Continuum: Christopher Marlowe and the Authorship of Early Shakespeare and Anonymous Plays
. This book documents a chronological continuum in uncommon linguistic and other similarities in certain plays written during the 1590s. Murphy maintains that these plays, some of which are anonymous and some by William Shakespeare, were actually penned by Christopher Marlowe. A very early draft of this book co-won the 2010 Hoffman Prize.

The Mysterious Connection Between Thomas Nashe, Thomas Dekker, and T. M.: An English Renaissance Deception? Starting with the fascinating timing of when Nashe was banished from London and Dekker surfaced there, and the coincidence in writing style between Thomas Nashe, Thomas Dekker, and T. M., this book provides linguistic evidence for the theory that Nashe, Dekker and T. M. were one and the same author.

She has also written numerous articles about the authorship of pieces penned during the English Renaissance:

Notes & Queries (Oxford University Press):

The Life and Death of Jack Straw and George Peele," Notes & Queries 59 (2012): 513-18.
Available online
here and here.

George a Greene and Robert Greene," Notes & Queries 59 (2012): 53-8.

Look Up and See Wonders and Thomas Dekker," Notes & Queries 59 (2012): 101-4.

Two Dangerous Comets and Thomas Nashe," Notes & Queries 58 (2011): 219-23.

"The Repentance of Robert Greene, Greene’s Groatsworth of Wit, and Robert Greene," Notes & Queries 58 (2011): 223-230.

“The Cobbler of Canterbury and Robert Greene,Notes & Queries 57 (2010): 349-52.

Locrine, Selimus, Robert Greene and Thomas Lodge," Notes & Queries 56 (2009): 559-64.

"Did Gabriel Harvey Write Greene’s Groatsworth of Wit?" Notes & Queries 52 (2007): 249-53.


Other Journals:

"The Date and Co-Authorship of Doctor Faustus," Cahiers Élisabéthains 75 (2009):43-4.

"The Curious Connection Between Nashe, Dekker and Freemasonry," The Marlowe Society Research Journal 6 (2009): 1-24.


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The Marlowe-Shakespeare Continuum
The Mysterious Connection
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