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Donna N. Murphy
Heaven on Earth
Heaven on Earth: A Spiritual Novel
by Donna N. Murphy

Heaven on Earth
: A fast-paced, romantic tale about what happens when a strife-torn country requests a spiritual intervention instead of a military one.
"We are racing down the path of death and destruction, as if whoever reached rock bottom first would receive a crown of laurels instead of thorns. We do not have to continue along this path. There is another way.

"There are teachers who can aid us, men and women from around the world who will come and help us put an end to this insanity, this anger, this hatred, this war. They are holy people who see only the holiness in others, but they will not come unless we ask them.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I propose that we ask them."

—Paula Keelor, addressing the National Assembly of Eluria

Will Paula succeed in convincing her countrymen on this war-torn island off the coast of Africa to sign a petition requesting spiritual visitors to teach them? What happens next...and what happened before? How did Paula and Kyle Hansen, the American who aids her in her quest for peace as he quests for love, evolve to arrive at this moment?
And who on earth is Frankee Waa?

Heaven on Earth
, visionary fiction for the 21st century: presenting a compelling alternative to war.

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Prologue and Chapters 1 and 2

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I thoroughly enjoyed reading Heaven on Earth. The plot carried me along while imparting 'wisdoms' and 'teachings.' In these time when we seem to have taken a step backward in the quest for peace, this novel shows us another way...We see that things can be different if we are willing. A great novel for those who enjoy visionary or spiritual fiction."
Inner Self Magazine

I've recommended Heaven on Earth to at least ten people. The plot development and action is in the Tom Clancy mode.
Ed Pell
Herndon, VA

Heaven on Earth
is a wonderful novel. There are interesting characters, lots of action, and clever intersecting plots. It comes to life through the realistic, multi-dimensional characters and strikingly vivid descriptions. Having recently read Poisonwood Bible and King Leopold's Ghost, I found an especially strong connection with the island of Eluria. The deeper messages of Heaven on Earth were thoughtfully woven throughout and kept this reader both engaged in a fascinating novel and in reflection of how the messages apply to myself and to the broader universe. I recommend it as an engaging read for anyone.
Lorri Lofvers
Management Consultant
Needham, MA

"Heaven on Earth
is a novel that gives hope to all of us about the situation in the civil war-torn continent of Africa. I will do my best to let my friends know about your book and how they can order a copy of it."
Kasahun Woldemarian
Ethiopian Graduate Student
Washington, DC
"I really loved Heaven on Earth. This is right up my alley. When your characters appealed to the children, I cheered. Many of us agree: The answer lies in the children of the world. Good Luck with your book. It was sooooooooo good."
Lisa Oliver
Elementary School Teacher
Rutherford, NJ

"It's quite an art to write a novel that holds the readers' riveted attention even when they are already familiar with the spiritual and metaphysical principles that are the true subject of the book. Heaven on Earth was a fun and fascinating read. The story moves right along, and the messages of hope and 'how to' come through loud and clear. Bravo, Donna Murphy!"
Ann McGill
Reston, VA
"Donna captures the essence of spirituality and weaves it into an intriguing story of human evolvement with fascinating paradigms to consider. It was definitely gripping and thought provoking."
Elizabeth A.
Homemaker, entrepreneur, spiritual traveler
Dallas, OR
"Congratulations!! I just finished reading your book and thought it was great. I couldn't put it down! Heaven on Earth is an entertaining and lively story of an island nation in the midst of a civil war due to racial strife. The fast-paced narrative has romance and suspense, with clever plot twists you'll never see coming. I couldn't put it down; I had no idea what might happen next. In addition, the book has a thought provoking spiritual dimension. Donna presents the unique alternative of a spiritual intervention as a way to end the war and resolve the conflicts without a winning or losing side. Her unique alternative to the 'business as usual' of going to war presents ideas for us all to live in peaceful harmony."
—Lisa Scribner
Vancouver, WA
"This prototype for a spiritual novel is exciting, with plenty of romance, sex and intrigue. The story is about the evolution of one man and a small country, the war-torn fictional island of Eluria, off the coast of Africa.
"Like so many of us, Kyle Hansen, head of Warrior Security Systems, had a vast emptiness within. He 'tried pouring money, power, liquor and women down the elevator shaft crater ... afraid to face the snakes and cockroaches from the black pit.' After falling in love with Lori Brooks, Kyle secretly pursues his own Holy Grail, and alternative healing, along with his quest for Lori.
"Elurians sign a petition asking for a spiritual intervention to stop their racially divided inhabitants from killing each other. Spiritual teachers from all over the world volunteer to teach them to create peace within themselves, thus within their country. They make true the traditional Elu phrase, 'Maleka ibu mapute,' which means, ‘I honor the godhood within you.'

"All in all this novel is fun, exciting and inspiring. It gives us a glimpse of a possible future, and examples of how to create it."
Nancy Lester
Avatar Master
Melbourne Beach, FL


Donna wrote Heaven on Earth after taking A Course in Miracles© (ACIM).
Freemasonry is a forerunner to ACIM and numerous other paths that combine self improvement and spirituality. Read Donna's speech about why people should do the inner work.

Heaven on Earth
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