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Donna N. Murphy
The Marlowe-Shakespeare Continuum
The Marlowe-Shakespeare Continuum:
Christopher Marlowe and the Authorship of Early Shakespeare and Anonymous Plays
Donna N. Murphy

Now Available in Paperback, 2nd Revised Edition!

For those who doubt that the actor from Stratford-upon-Avon, William Shakspere, wrote the works of Shakespeare, Christopher Marlowe is the one authorship candidate with the proven ability to write great plays and poetry.  The findings in The Marlowe-Shakespeare Continuum support the theory that Marlowe, who had gotten himself into trouble with religious authorities and was about to be imprisoned, certain tortured and probably executed, did not die at Deptford in 1593 but continued writing as "William Shakespeare."  

By exploring certain anonymous and Shakespeare plays, Murphy provides language-based and other evidence of a Marlowe-Shakespeare continuum beginning with The Taming of a Shrew and the first versions of II and III Henry VI, c. 1590; the first version of Edward III c. 1590-1; Titus Andronicus c. 1591-3; and the first version of Thomas of Woodstock c. 1593; then onward to Romeo and Juliet c. 1595-6; and I Henry IV, c. 1596-7. Her research employs various tools which, taken together, indicate that Christopher Marlowe, living on after he supposedly died, seems to have "become" Shakespeare.

"Those who believe that Marlowe wrote the canon of Shakespeare have long maintained that the Shakespeare works drown in Marlowe’s voice and style, and even the staunchest Stratfordian scholars acknowledge Marlowe’s prodigious influence on Shakespeare. With The Marlowe-Shakespeare Continuum, Donna Murphy adds more fuel to the fire. She is a meticulous examiner of word juxtapositions and other similarities between Marlowe and Shakespeare. This is serious (and iconoclastic) scholarship, and a highly commendable and valuable contribution to authorship studies."

Carlo DiNota, editor, The Marlowe-Shakespeare Connection blog

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The Marlowe-Shakespeare Continuum
The Mysterious Connection
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